Alex Cox wants to make Bill The Galactic Hero and you can help


billAlex Cox is a legend. He made Repo Man, presented Moviedrome and I went to the same school as him. Oh and I was in a bar when he showed up and I never had the guts to go and speak to him. I still kick myself over that one.

His next project is an adaptation of Harry Harrison’s Bill The Galactic Hero and he has set up a Kickstarter to get it funded.

The interesting thing is Cox is planning to make it on such a low budget by using students, staff and locations around the University of Colorado where he works.

Here is what Cox has to say about it.

Harry’s story of grunts – and one grunt in particular – in the lowest echelon of the war machine – can readily be recreated in an academic environment: in this instance, the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus. ATLAS, home of the University of Colorado’s Film Studies Program, features concrete staircases and windowless basement corridors which already resemble the corridors and fusebays of the Good Ship Fanny Hill. The Visual Arts Complex features asymmetrical hallways and strange machines. Tunnels beneath the campus provide us with the bowels of Helior, the Imperial Planet. The Engineering Dept. has space suits and a mock-up Space Shuttle replacement. Bill’s one trip “above ground” to Helior’s Walled Gardens, can be recreated on our lovely campus.

Some sixty pages of BILL THE GALACTIC HERO will be shot live action, with space-suited actors, on 35mm black and white film. About ten pages will be shot on a stage using front or rear projection.

There are about ten (overlapping) pages of model shots and special effects, including glimpses of the Voids of Space. We will build our own models at CU, under the supervision of visual effects pros from Tippett Studios (ROBOCOP, STARSHIP TROOPERS, MAD GOD) and Collateral Image (who created the visual effects for REPO CHICK and STRAIGHT TO HELL RETURNS). My colleague Victor Jendras will supervise the creation of the medals, and the production design.

BILL THE GALACTIC HERO begins and ends as an animated cartoon. The anime department, run by my colleague Chris Pearce, will also create Eager Chinger, the tiny reptilian spy.

That sounds like an excellent way to make a movie and it would be great to see a Harry Harrison adaptation on the big screen (maybe one day we will see The Stainless Steel Rat).

Hopefully they will reach their target and get on with the film. The video below gives you some more info and after that is a link if you want to donate.

Via Bleeding Cool