Dredd sequel is dead, but Dredd may live again



Dredd (or Dredd 3D to use its full title – why they had to whack 3D on the end I just don’t know) was one of 2012’s best films in my opinion. Good action, good acting and faithful to the 2000AD character. Karl Urban as Judge Dredd was fantastic plus it was rated R. The 3D also added to the film.

It was everything comic book and movie fans always talk about wanting to see. Yet hardly anybody went to see it.

We all talk the talk, but we have to support those films we want to see more of.

I saw it at the cinema and also bought the Blu-ray and I lived in hope that there would be a sequel.

With a production budget of $50 million it made $35,626,525 worldwide according to BoxOfficeMojo. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the studios would not give the go ahead for a sequel.

I had hoped good DVD and Blu-ray sales would help, but it appears that a Dredd sequel probably won’t be happening.

The films producer, Adi Shankar, took part in a Reddit AMA on 20th March and the question of a Dredd sequel surfaced.

It looks like the chances of a new feature are slight, yet Dredd may live on in a short film according to Shankar. First the reason why there is unlikely to be a sequel.

It’s because the movie totally bombed & R-rated movies are a tough sell to begin with.

But I am working on a Dredd short in the vein of #DirtyLaundry … you’re actually the first person to know about this …

If DREDD becomes a cult hit it will be awesome. Last September was a terrible month … DREDD bombed and then LOOPER became a massive hit a week later!

Nothing against LOOPER! I think Rian Johnson is a genius and I think Joseph Gordon Levitt will become his generation’s Matt Damon. Ram Bergman, the movie’s real producer, is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.

In case you are not aware, the Dirty Laundry short film he mentions is the one where Thomas Jane reprised his role as The Punisher (you can watch it here). There is no word on when we will be seeing the Dredd short or if Karl Urban will return to put on the Helmet.

Shankar was also asked whether a Kickstarter may help get a sequel.

the problem is a scifi project is intrinsically more expensive that a walking & talking movie … Veronica Mars only raised $2mil … which is a lot of money but not nearly enough to make a good sci-fi movie.

While I wish we would get a full sequel I will have to be happy with a new short.

Why do you think Dredd bombed?

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