Jason Mewes goes all action in the Vigilante Diaries



Ride shotgun with Jason Mewes (Jay to Kevin Smith’s Silent Bob) in an up-close and bloody world too sexy and too violent for even the grittiest graphic novels. A world you can only visit at Chill.com

The exploits of a “real- world” superhero-Terminator type, known as The Vigilante, and his teen sidekick, The Kid. But these “heroes” are not Batman and Robin. They are two amoral, cold-hearted killers. No capes and masks and superpowers. Their world is guns, foul language, sex, and hyper-violence.

It stars Jason Mewes, Paul Sloan, Kevin L Walker, Jacqueline Lord, Jessica Uberuaga.

Vigilante Diaries begins on Chill.com this Tuesday June 11, 2013

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Vigilante Diaries