Top Five Casino Films


The money, the black ties and glittering ball gowns, the black and red of the roulette wheel, the deep green baize of the poker tables. Among the sights and sounds of the casino gambling experience, it’s easy to see why directors want to use casinos as the backdrop for their movies.  We look at the top five casino films.

1. Casino


Every list of top casino films out there contains this film from incredible director Martin Scorsese. With a top cast including Scorsese’s favourite actor, Robert de Niro, the film plot is about a mafiosa runner who is sent to Vegas to oversee a casino. When the casino is a hit, an enforcer is sent to look after the security. The enforcer proves to be too much for de Niro to handle alongside the gambling empire. The film is a must see, a brutal and powerful look at the mob connections to Las Vegas.

2. Rounders


Rounders is cited as a reason for poker players to get into the high-stakes poker scene. The film stars Matt Damon as a reformed gambler who has to once again enter the sordid world of high-stakes poker to help pay off a huge debt accumulated by friend and co-star Edward Norton’s character Worm. The film is a risky, high-class adventure and worth a watch.

3. The Hangover


A fun filled alcohol soaked Vegas romp, starring Zack Galafinakis and his wolf pack as they try and piece together the night after an accidental roofie experience leaves them high and dry. With scenes that mimic the classic Rain Man, there are laughs everywhere in this great film, which also stars Ken Jeong as the evil Mr Chow.

4. Casino Royale


The well-known proper Bond version of Casino Royale was a runaway success, with Daniel Craig’s first outing as the intriguing 007. In the proper vein of Bond films, Craig is sexy and deadly, and plays the role just right, in the style of the original and not the high farce that came with Moore. However, this isn’t the whole story when it comes to Casino Royale. The ‘original’ version was filmed in 1967 features Peter Sellers but isn’t a proper Bong film, but in fact a great spoof of spy films. Bond films give just the right setting of a casino, making you want to have a go at some slots or blackjack yourself, and there’s no easier way than by doing this online.

5. 21

Kevin Spacey (left) and Jim Sturgess.  Photo by:  Peter Iovino

With Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne, 21 centres on a real-life card counting team who play high stakes Blackjack. They manage to win huge sums before the casinos realise what is happening and tries to recoup their losses.