Who is Colm Feore playing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Spoilers!

Colm FeoreYou will know Colm Feore from such films as The Chronicles of Riddick, Thor, Changeling and many more films and TV shows.

A great actor who is always a pleasure to watch, even when the characters he plays are absolute bastards.

We have known he has been cast in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but there has been no mention of who he will be playing.

The current cast and characters for the film are:

  • Andrew Garfield – Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  • Emma Stone – Gwen Stacy
  • Shailene Woodley – Mary Jane Watson
  • Paul Giamatti – Aleksei Sytsevich / The Rhino
  • Jamie Foxx -Max Dillon / Electro
  • Dane DeHaan – Harry Osborn
  • Martin Sheen – Uncle Ben
  • Sally Field – Aunt May
  • Chris Cooper – Norman Osborn

You can find out who Colm Feore is playing after the image below.

Spoilers ahead.

Last chance.

Okay. Here we go.

CBM had the news that he will be playing Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture. They also had some news about Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn.

we can 100% confirm that Colm Feore is actually playing Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And that’s not all — apparently he will join forces with Rhino, Electro and Green Goblin to form the first four members of The Sinister Six, setting them up for the threequel. Who the other two will be is unknown, but it’s always possible The Lizard could return as one of them. It also seems that we can forget all that stuff about Norman Osborn not taking up the Green Goblin mantel in the movie! Chris Cooper was spotted on set as Goblin (head in place;) battling Spider-Man

The Sinister Six fought Spidey many times and worked well in the comic book. However, comic book movies with more than one villain often seem to fail as there is not enough time to get the origins sorted, have time with the hero and then have the main story resolved.

They usually feel a bit rushed. Will Marc Webb fix the problem?

How do you feel about all these villains in the film?

The next question is what character will Felicity Jones be playing – Black Cat maybe?