Gary Oldman to direct Flying Horse


Gary-OldmanGary Oldman is planning go behind the camera once more and direct a biopic of photographer Eadweard Muybridge, called Flying Horse.

Muybridge is famous for pioneering technological advances in photography and motion-capturing imagery, which were essential in the development of motion picture filmmaking.

That would make in interesting movie in itself, but it is what went on in Muybridge’s personal life that will up the drama.

Upon learning that his young wife’s friend, a theater critic named Major Harry Larkyns, may have fathered their seven-month-old son, Muybridge tracked Larkyns down and said, “Good evening, Major, my name is Muybridge and here’s the answer to the letter you sent my wife,” before shooting Larkyns point-blank and killing him.

According to The Wrap, Oldman would like Ralph Fiennes as Muybridge and Benedict Cumberbatch as Larkyns.

Oldman may also appear in the film, but it is exciting to hear he will be directing once more.

Via Collider