Foxy Brown is out on Blu-ray today. Watch the trailer


foxy_brown_3d_SbStarring the wonderful Pam Grier as “the meanest chick in town”, FOXY BROWN is finally coming to Blu-ray for the very first time, thanks to a Jack Hill-endorsed HD restoration. Arrow’s release comes loaded with special features and bonus material, it is also available as a limited edition steelbook, as well as in standard blu-ray packaging.

When Foxy Brown’s undercover-agent boyfriend is gunned down on the orders of evil drug kingpins, she stops at nothing to exact a thrillingly brutal revenge. This is one of the all-time great Blaxploitation films, pulling out all the stops at a time long before anyone had thought of political correctness.
After linking her boyfriend’s murder to a so-called “modelling agency”, Foxy poses as a prostitute to infiltrate the company, saving fellow black women from a life of drugs and sexual exploitation in the process.
Pam Grier was given the role of a lifetime as the street-smart yet intensely sexy Foxy, modelling a stupendously varied range of Seventies threads while righteously kicking villainous white butt at every opportunity.
With an incredible supporting cast, a suitably funkadelic soundtrack and just the right balance of sex and violence, Foxy Brown is still, undisputedly, the meanest chick in town.

It is out today and you can watch the trailer below.