Dario Argento’s Tenebrae in Lego


tenebrae lego

We usually see Lego recreations of the blockbuster, family type films. That is why it is surprising to see a Dario Argento movie given the same treatment.

After several excursions into supernatural horror, Dario Argento returned to the homicidal frenzy that made his reputation with this mystery that plays more like a grown-up slasher movie than a detective thriller. Anthony Franciosa stars as Peter Neal, a bestselling horror novelist whose promotional tour in Italy takes a terrible turn when a mysterious killer re-creates the brutal murders from his book with real-life victims. The first to die are so-called “deviants,” Neal’s own friends, and finally there comes a promise that the author himself is next on the list.

Who would have thought the 1982 giallo, Tenebrae (aka Tenebre), would ever be Legofied!

Source: Dangerous Minds