Watch Willem Dafoe in the Jameson First Shot Winning Films


Jameson last shot

The three winning films from the 2013 Jameson First Shot competition, each starring the iconic Willem Dafoe have been released on Jameson’s YouTube channel.

The shorts see two-time Academy Award nominee, Willem Dafoe take on three very different roles – a hypochondriac ex-ping pong player, a nerve-damaged car accident victim and an android with a heart – in the films written and directed by talented up-and-coming filmmakers.

The three winning short films; SAVING NORMAN from South Africa, THE SMILE MAN from Russia and LOVE’S ROUTINE from the US are available to view now on:

Dafoe said of the competition: “I’ve known Kevin for years, so when he came to me and told me about Jameson First Shot and specifically the motivation behind the project – to help young filmmakers – he had my attention. While I’d never made short films before, Kevin showed me the films they made last year and said they had such a great time making them that I agreed to come on board as this year’s actor . I didn’t know who the winners were going to be so it was a risk, but it was gamble I enjoyed. My main focus on set was to support each of the director’s in the best way that I could so that they could realise their film and take advantage of this unique opportunity.” 

You can watch the three winning short films below.




Creative Director of the competition and star of last year’s winning films, Kevin Spacey commented: “It was a risk for Willem to agree to star in three films before we even had any scripts, but I think his gamble has paid off. We have given another three people the opportunity of a lifetime and produced another three incredible films as a result of the Jameson First Shot competition. Last year was an unforgettable experience for me and being on board as Creative Director this year has allowed me to still be a part of the truly unique opportunity we’re offering to these filmmakers of the future. I’m looking forward to seeing the public reaction when we release the films on Jameson’s YouTube channel and also to the third year of the competition when we’ll have another incredible A-list star for our young, talented filmmakers to direct.”

Shine Studios in Johannesburg played host to the premiere of Hanneke Schutte’s winning film, SAVING NORMAN on 25th May, followed by Anton Lanshakov’s short, THE SMILE MAN at Strelka Institute in Moscow on 15th June. The global premieres concluded with a screening of Shirlyn Wong’s winning entry, LOVE’S ROUTINE on 19th June held at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn, New York.


Any talented writer/directors who think they have what it takes to be one of next year’s three winners are encouraged to register their interest now at to get all the updates on next year’s competition.