Avengers 2 is called Avengers: Age of Ultron


Marvel had some big news at Comic Con.

Collider described it as:

Marvel President Kevin Feige is about to leave the stage in Hall H following the panels for Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy. An amped up crowd is shouting “More!” Feige returns, takes a seat, and says “There’s only one more person here. He wanted to say, ‘Hi.’ Joss Whedon!” Whedon takes the stage. “Hi. I know it’s time to go,” he says, “and I don’t have a lot to say, but I have something to add.”

We cut to a trailer of quotes from The Avengers over something metal being hammered. The metal has a strange red glow. The last quote we hear is what Nick Fury told Maria Hill about the group coming back together when they world will need them. The camera then pulls out to reveal Ultron’s helmet. We then get the title for the highly-anticipated sequel: The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

This was of course the name of the recent big event storyline in the Marvel comics which had the following synopsis:

During the Age of Ultron storyline, Ultron has returned and conquers the world while slowly remolding it into his image. His Ultron Sentinels are guarding the streets looking for any fugitives. Hawkeye runs into the Ultron Sentinels as he was rescuing the Superior Spider-Man yet manages to destroy the Ultron Sentinels present. It is later revealed that Ultron is actually in the future and has been using Vision as a conduit to punish humanity. While one strike team travels into the future to fight Ultron, Wolverine and Invisible Woman go back in time to kill Pym before he can create Ultron in the first place. This results in a world where Tony Stark controls an army of robotic drones and that Morgan le Fay has conquered half of the world. Travelling back in time once more, Wolverine succeeds in stopping himself from killing Pym, and he, Pym and Susan Storm come up with a different plan. This plan results in a different outcome of the prior confrontation between the Avengers and the Intelligencia; a ‘back door’ installed into Ultron at his original creation allows Hank Pym and Iron Man to destroy the robot, instead, averting the events that led to the ‘Age of Ultron’.

It is doubtful that this will be the same plot for the film, but it does have a lot of potential.

Does this mean Vin Diesel will be playing Vision?