"Death has come to your little town, sheriff.”

Ryan Kwanten is Venom in new short film



Before the San Diego Comic Con we posted some cool black and white pictures of Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) in a suit.

It was for a new short film from producer Adi Shankar (who brought us the excellent Punisher short film, Dirty Laundry) and director Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom).

At the time we mentioned how he could be playing John Constantine due to the suit, but one of the images had a face that looked like Venom.

During the Machinima Comic Con Panel Shankar & Kwanten announced that it was a Venom short, called Truth in Journalism, with Kwanten playing Eddie Brock.

Hopefully the short will wipe the memory of Topher Grace’s version from Spider-Man 3.

The short is set in an around the Spider-Man comic book universe and this is what Joe Lynch had to say about it.

It’s not tied to the movies at all. The short actually exists in the Marvel Comics universe, mixed with the visual aesthetic of Man Bites Dog (16 mm, B&W) and set in May of 1988, which is when Amazing Spider Man 300 was published. The timeline of the short actually merges with plot points in the comic, even down to filling in the gaps when we don’t see Eddie Brock in that storyline, like when he sneaks into Mary Jane’s apartment to terrify her. When you hear Eddie in this say ‘I gotta go meet a [girlfriend] of a… colleague”, he’s GOING to her apartment! That was very important to me, as I was trying, even on a minuscule budget, to create NYC in 1988. If you look closely in one walk and talk, you actually see the World Trade Center in the background! We tried very hard with music, fashion and dialogue to immerse the audience in that time and place, even if it was shot in 2013 in downtown Los Angeles, including the most disgusting alley in the U.S., complete with human feces and heroin needles. We barely made it out of there alive. Viva cinema, huh?

Lynch has also said the short will be online in the next few days. As soon as it is we will get it posted for you.


Source: Fandango