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The Dark Knight Legacy teaser image has a Red Hood


Dark Knight Legacy

The above image is a teaser for a fan film called The Dark Knight Legacy. It looks as if it is still early days as they are still setting up a KickStarter campaign which has yet to go live.

That is a Red Hood similar to the one that Jason Todd wears in the comic and that character will indeed show up in the fan film. They say they have an actor from Homeland to play Jason.

It is heavily influenced by the storylines from Under the Hood, Battle for the Cowl, and War Games. Black Mask and the Penguin will also feature.

The fan film is set a year after the Nolan Batman movies and they shared the following info:

You can’t make a sequel to the Dark Knight trilogy, that’s just impossible unless you’ve got many millions of dollars. But you can live in the same Nolanverse and explore Nolan’s ideas of “What is Batman supposed to be? Fear? Hope? An incorruptible symbol? Whatever we need him to be?” and have new characters try to figure that out on their own. That’s what we’re really going for, hence the “Legacy,” title.

The 7 minute teaser that’s coming out in a few weeks will be like the IMAX prologues for DK and DKR. The feature takes place several days after the teaser because it’s pretty intense and world-changing. The whole feature would be WAY too expensive to hope to be funded on Kickstarter so we’ve split it in half – we’ll try to raise the $ for the first half with fan support on Kickstarter and then if people do like it, we’ll see if they’d be kind enough to support the conclusion.

I will be keeping my eye on this one as, if they can live up to their intentions, this could be one hell of a fan film.

Source: Reddit

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