Amy Adams is Janis Joplin in new Lee Daniels directed biopic

Amy Adams

Lee Daniels’ The Butler has been doing good work over in the US box office.

He is already planning his next movie, which will be a biopic on the singer, Janis Joplin, which has been in the works for 10 years.

This is my next project for sure. I had no idea Janis Joplin was so smart — intellectual, even. Look, some of the smartest people in the world have been drug addicts.

I just hope they get all the rights to the music so we don’t get a 30 Rock style Jackie Jormp-Jomp film.

As for Amy Adams playing Janis? Well, she is a great actress. Enchanted shows she can sing and she is not afraid to hide her beauty.

All in all there is some potential for this to be a great movie.

Janis Joplin

Source: THR