David Fincher’s Black Hole adaptation is back on


Black_HoleThe film adaptation of Charles Burns’ Black Hole comic book has been lost for quite a while.

Initially Alexandre Aja was set to direct while Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman were working on the script. Then David Fincher came on board in 2008. Avary and Gaiman left the project and then it was in limbo.

It looks as if Brad Pitt will save the day with his production company, Plan B.

The company now is moving forward with projects including an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ Marilyn Monroe novel Blonde, with Andrew Dominik (Jesse James) to direct; The Last Family of England, with Taika Waititi directing the story centered on a talking dog according to THR.

They also plan on pushing forward with the Black Hole film.

Set in the suburbs of Seattle during the mid-1970s, the comics follow a group of mostly middle class teenagers who, over the summer, contract a mysterious sexually transmitted disease known as “the Bug” or “the teen plague”, which causes them to develop bizarre unique physical mutations, turning them into social outcasts.

Pitt had this to say about Plan B’s strategy, “We follow the storytellers, and our little garage band of a production company’s mandate was [always] to help complex films get over the hill if they need a little push. We are in a fortunate position to do that.”