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Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) has shared the first poster for the new stage production of John Cameron Mitchell’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

The story is told by Hedwig directly to the audience in the form of an extended monologue. The concept of the stage production is that the audience is watching the character Hedwig’s musical act as she follows rockstar Tommy Gnosis’s (much more successful) tour around the country. Occasionally Hedwig references Gnosis’s concert which is playing in an adjoining venue.
Hedwig’s band (including the character of Yitzhak) appears on stage for practically the entire duration of the musical, as does Hedwig herself.
Hedwig tells of Hansel, an East German “slip of a girlyboy” who loves philosophy and rock music, is stuck in East Berlin until he meets Luther Robinson, a U.S. soldier. Luther falls in love with Hansel and the two decide to marry. This plan will allow Hansel to leave communist East Germany for the capitalist West. However, in order to be married, the couple must consist of a man and a woman. Hansel’s mother, Hedwig, gives her child her name and passport and finds a doctor to perform a sex change. The operation is botched, however, and her surgically constructed vagina heals closed, leaving Hansel – now Hedwig – with a dysfunctional one-inch mound of flesh between her legs, “with a scar running down it like a sideways grimace on an eyeless face.” – Wiki

Mitchell wrote the musical back in 1997 and it has since played all over the world. Mitchell also played the character in the 2001 film adaptation.

Directed by Michael Mayer, the new Broadway production will begin previews on March 29 at the Belasco Theatre, with an official opening set for April 22.

Check out the poster below.

Hedwig Neil Patrick Harris

Source: Twitter