Harold Lloyd’s The Freshman Has Been Restored For The Big Screen


The FreshmanI remember watching Harold Lloyd when I was a kid. I think BBC 2 used to show them just before tea time. I always preferred Lloyd’s work to that of Chaplin and Keaton. I’m not sure why, he just seemed for be a bit more daring in his stunt work making them incredible to watch.

Janues Films have been busy giving Lloyd’s classic, The Freshman, a 2K restoration and are bringing it so select cinemas over in the US.

Harold heads off to college and quickly discovers that making friends involves more than aping the antics he’s seen in the movies. To further his search for popularity, he manages to join the football team, but only as a combination water boy/tackling dummy. Finally, Harold gets his chance when the coach runs out of substitutes during the big game and reluctantly puts him on the field. Will our bespectacled hero reach the goal line, or will he be fodder for the leatherheads on the opposing team? What follows is more of the action/comedy that only Lloyd could devise.

Janus Films is pleased to bring another Lloyd classic back to theaters, newly restored in 2K. Check here for screening information.

If you are lucky enough to see it on the big screen, let me know what it was like.

You can watch the trailer below.