Cool Art: Star Wars & Breaking Bad Themed Christmas Cards By PJ McQuade


PJMcQuade Christmas Cards

Artist PJ McQuade‘s work is a favourite at Live for Films HQ. He has got some of his classic Star Wars Christmas Cards up for sale along with a few new ones.

  • Yoda Claus/North Pole – He knows if you’ve been Sith or Jedi. “Merry This Christmas Is”
  • Mos Eisley Cantina Scene, Everybody’s hanging out, getting drunk, havin’ fun (well, not everybody) – “Hive A Mos Wretched Holiday” (double sided)
  • Echo Base Hoth Hangar – Han, Luke and Lea share a laugh and a gift (very meta). Danger lurks around the bend though… “Wampa In A Winter Wonderland” (double sided)
  • Jabba Bells – Group shot of the whole gang decked out in festive garb “Jabba All The Way” (double sided)

And of course all the favs from last year – Sexy Lando mistletoe, Chewbacca the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Hat Bossk, Tauntaun Snowflake &Salacious Crumb in a sweater holding a candy cane.

All 9 are available bundled together in The Holiday 9 Pack Combo Special.

There are also a few,non Star Wars related cards.

  • Sled Lightly (Breaking Bad), Walter White aka Heisenberg looking badass in a santa hat
  • This Holiday, Swallow You Whole (Quint from Jaws)
  • Have a Sunny Xmas – (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia nativity scene spoof)
  • Japanese Snow Monkey Drinking Tea in a Hot Spring (blank interior)

Be sure to check out his shop for lots more cool artwork, Christmas Ornaments and more.

PJ McQuade Have a Sunny Xmas

PJ McQuade Monkey

PJ McQuade Sled Lightly