First Look: Joe Dante’s Burying The Ex



Ashley Greene (Twilight),Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) and Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson) star in Joe Dante‘s rom-zom-com, Burying The Ex.

Burying the Ex follows Max (Yelchin), an all-around nice guy, and his incredibly beautiful but overbearing and manipulative girlfriend Evelyn (Greene). After they move in together, Evelyn is killed in a freak accident, leaving Max single and free from her controlling nightmare — or so he thinks.

Ashley Greene, who goes through six different stages of zombie makeup and prosthetics designed by special makeup effects designer Gary Tunnicliffe, spoke about her character:

Her boyfriend has his mourning period, but then gets over it. Much to his dismay, she comes back as a zombie but doesn’t clock that she is a zombie and thinks that true love has brought her back and that they’re supposed to be together forever. We wanted more of a realistic approach, if you can have that with a zombie, but there’s a lot of translucency and layering and attention to detail with veining and stuff like that so when people look at it, there’s the odd sensation that she kind of still looks attractive


Source: EW