Amy Adams says Man of Steel 2 script is finished


While it had previously been called Batman vs Superman, it appears that the next Superman film is being referred to by Man of Steel 2 around the Web. This is all good news in my eyes as it does have to be, first and foremost, a Superman movie. I wonder what the actual title of the film will be. Any suggestions?

Amy Adams was talking to Jimmy Kimmel about Her and American Hustle when the conversation turned, briefly, to Man of Steel 2.

She could not really tell him anything, but he did ask when she was starting on the film. Adams responded with “very soon, but I cannot tell you anything.” However she did say “I just read the script.”

Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio had been tidying up the script.

Kimmel went on to say “You know that Ben Affleck has asked me to play Robin. It’s a small part. It’s about time there was an old, fat Robin.”

Filming begins for the sequel in February in Pontiac, MI and on location at the Kent Farm and NaAuSay Cemetery outside of Plano, IL in February.

You can see the conversation below (at the 3:20 mark).

Meanwhile the rumour that Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) is going to be Lex Luthor have surfaced again and Ben Affleck’s Batman is based on the artwork of Alex Ross with a bit of Batman Beyond thrown in.

Via MoS Fan Page