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This is the place for all things film, comics, video game, TV and anything else that takes my fancy.

Phil Edwards

Editor / Founder 

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @live_for_films

Live for Films came about as a place for me to share things which I found interesting with my friends. Other people seem to dig it.

I do a bit of painting, a bit of drawing, a bit of blogging and I have a beard.

Films I like change all the time, but I always enjoy The Thing, The Big Lebowski, Stalag 17, Mystery Train, Dead Man, Pan’s Labyrinth, Robocop, Angel Heart, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blazing Saddles, Army of Darkness, It’s A Wonderful Life, Into the Wild and so many more.

Meet the Live for Films Agents:

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Amanda Keats

Feature Writer and Reviewer

Website: Film Vs Book
Twitter: @filmvsbook

I began writing stories back in primary school but as I got older, my writing changed with me. I now write about films, books and adaptations and am an aspiring novelist with a tendency to focus on the morbid side of life…

Film tastes include Asian thrillers like Ringu, Oldboy and Battle Royale, classic comedies such as Monty Python’s Life of Brian and Top Secret!, indie successes like the Before trilogy, and Spanish stunners like Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone. More recently I have developed a love for The Hunger Games and Thor films and was blown away by Stoker and Gravity.

For TV I love Sherlock, The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who and thought Broadchurch was the best thing I have seen on TV for years!

I believe every person on the planet should be made to read To Kill a Mockingbird, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas but if you can’t really be bothered, the two film and one theatre adaptations of the books are pretty spectacular!

Hughes (1)Dave Hughes


Website: Hughes Reviews
Email: [email protected]

Naturally obsessed with film, I could be watching Jean Luc Godard or Jean Claude Van Damme on any given night. Having studied film, politics, philosophy, history and media, I am set to take my film studies further at a University level. Beyond an unhealthy degree of film watching, I am usually caught reading my film magazines, participating in small scale productions, or typing up an article for my website – hughesreviews.co.uk – and other publications.

Stuff I Like: Zombies, John Woo gun battles, Batman in general, expressionism in all its movements, Ray Harryhausen creatures, music from Sigur Ros and Moby; Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liners, the literary works of J.R.R Tolkien and Alan Moore; Clint Eastwood’s growl, fantasy and sci-fi artwork, surrealism, gothic horror, architecture and its presentation in film, existential dramas, Guillermo Del Toro’s imagination, Garrus from Mass Effect…and Mass Effect; Hong Kong action cinema, exploring Skyrim and listening to Werner Herzog say stuff

Favourite Films: Blade Runner, Heat, Drive, The Dark Knight, The Wrestler, American Beauty, In Bruges, The Shining, Apocalypse Now, Scarface, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, There Will Be Blood, The Insider, Alien, Sunshine, Network, Unforgiven, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Metropolis, Children of Men, Starship Troopers

Favourite Directors: Michael Mann, Werner Herzog, Guillermo Del Toro, Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, John Woo, Clint Eastwood

Favourite Actors: Clint Eastwood, John Goodman, Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling

Favourite TV Shows: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica

Alan Simmons

Alan Simmons

Reviewer / Interviewer

Twitter: @v_for_vienetta

Loves Jason Statham,

Horror and Danny Trejo.

This was a haiku.

Jackson Ball

Feature Writer and Reviewer.

Twitter: @jackson_ball1 and @jackballfilm1

My earliest memory is of being a two year old, standing on a cinema seat, being traumatised by the death of Mufasa. Basically it’s just snowballed from there.

Born and raised in the jewel of the south coast that is the city of Portsmouth; now covertly infiltrating the great, untamed north in search of a Film degree at the University of Salford. I’ll watch pretty much any film at least once with an open mind, even Twilight. Outside of films, I like to socialise, spend time with my family and spend money I don’t actually have.

I know with certainty that I’ll go to my grave having never decided what my favourite film is, as it changes almost hourly. Possible candidates include: Back to the Future, Casablanca, City of God, Fight Club, Goodfellas, Jurassic Park, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Rear Window, Snatch, The Dark Knight, The Departed, The Lion King, The Prestige, Toy Story and Top Gun.

I’m also pretty good at board games.

PiersPiers McCarthy

Reviews and features writer
Film and Literature graduate of University of Warwick. Writing and reading about films for most of the day (the other time spent watching them and occasionally eating and sleeping). Hoping to get into the film industry some day. I have a great passion for music also, so being a music supervisor – marrying film and music – would be my dream job.
Thanks to LiveForFilms I have covered the 56th and 57th London Film Festivals, London Sundance 2013 and Festival de Cannes 2013, meeting some of my favourite directors and actors during the festivals’ run.
Been into movies since seeing The Lion King at the cinema when I was a wee boy. Still in awe of the art form and always wanting to talk about it. Creator and editor of DiegeticDigest.
Favourite films: Ocean’s Eleven (remake), The Prestige, Lift to the Scaffold, The New World, Jaws, Rear Window, Psycho, Dial M For Murder, Treasure of Sierra Madre, Sideways, Zodiac, The Social Network, Seven, Lilo and Stitch, Children of Men, Take Shelter, Swingers, Heat, Once Upon a Time in the West

Stephen J Bowron

Writer / Reviewer

Twitter: @sjbowron

I come from Darlington (modest town up North, pet), but now living in London to pursue a career in media writing. Socially inept in person, I am fantastic on cyber paper. More often than not I am listening to Daft Punk whilst reviewing a film or television show and can occasionally be found penning short stories (mostly eccentric flash fiction).

Most of my life goals have been met already: I make a mean lasagne, I own a dvd collection so vast that I don’t know how I paid for it all, and Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse once answered one of my questions on their Lost podcast.

Films I Can Quote Word-For-Word: BASEketball, Cast Away, Every Silent Film Ever.

Maria Alexopoulos



Twitter @mariaalexo

I am a Canadian who grew up working in my parent’s Greek restaurant – which oddly enough resembled the set of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” more often than not. I spent much of my youth experimenting with video, moments that included screaming “Action!” as my sisters pretended to beat each other to a pulp in the name of art. After declaring myself terminally in love with all things film I left my job as a banker and moved to England where I studied motion picture production at Brighton Film School. In 2007 I travelled to Nepal where I directed the documentary ‘Nepal, In the Mountain’s Shadow’, which focused on the plight of the countries countless orphans and child slaves. I am a proud member of the Directors Guild of Great Britain, and Moving Image Society.

I hold a special place in my heart for period films, documentaries and anything that can make me pee my pants with laughter. My favourite movie of all time is ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’, with ‘Gladiator’ as a close second. For a guaranteed laugh I crown ‘Dumb and Dumber’ as king of gut busting hilarity.

Romy Shiller


I’m a pop-culture specialist and have a PhD. I taught Gender in Film at a university; I acted in film, worked at a production house doing business and Reader’s Reports for a film producer. etc.  I have 3 books which are available online. I live in Montreal, Canada.

I’m a ‘reality film’ junkie: Blade RunnerDark CityThe MatrixGroundhog Day

My favourite film is Lost in Translation, my favourite TV show used to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer now it’s True Blood.

“Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around, you could miss it.” (Ferris Beuller’s Day Off)

Mark Wassmer


 Interaction Director / Movie & Comic Geek, Assistant Editor

Twitter: @MarkWassmer
Born & live in London UK. Husband & Father. Trained as a Graphic Designer. By day I work as an Interaction Director (creating all things interactive online), by night I am a film and comic book geek (watching and reading all things film and comic).
My passion for films came from a healthy interest in Star Wars (the original trilogy) when I was a boy (still have my vintage collection safely stored away) Star Wars was my thing and I wanted to make movies — or more specifically work in Special Effects. After becoming familiar with the work of Saul Bass my interests moved onto Movie Poster Design and then purely onto Graphic Design which led to my career choice.
Today, I love finding new work from designers, artists and illustrators who are inspired to create work based on a movie or comic book source.
You’ll find a lot of my post reflect my interest in design, such as; posters, concept design, comics, books, beautiful artworks and the like. I’ll also post Reviews or as I refer to them, Opinion Pieces. Why? Well, as the saying goes “Horses for Courses”.
Some Favourite films: Star Wars (obviously), 12 Angry Men, The Elephant Man, Manhattan, Shawshank Redemption, T2, Ben-Hur, Saving Private Ryan, Psycho, The Lord of the Rings, Jaws, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Saw, 12 Monkeys, Unbreakable, Casino, Planet Of The Apes (1968), The Untouchables, The Thing (1982), Ed Wood, Superman, Spartacus, Von Ryan’s Express, Monsters Inc…… you get the idea.
Top three film genres: Sci-Fi, ComicBook, Horror.


H. Blain


Twitter: @MediaTsarina

Holly Blain is a freelance writer living in Atlanta who likes reading far too late in the night; most types of comic books, all things cinema (including being excited by certain names in the credits that you usually ignore) and saw The Empire Strikes Back three times opening day when she was ten years old. Though gifted with three superpowers (Instant Good Karma, Small World Syndrome and Jedi Mind Trick), she only tries to only use them for good. She also likes to foist her musical tastes off on others so if you meet her, you might just get a copy of the latest White Girls Can’t Mix mixtape CD.

Sarah Louise Dean


Reviewer and random topic ranter.

Twitter: Contrarah

Older than Adam but younger than Phil, I was born at the end of the decade regarded as the best ever for filmmaking, but I think every decade of cinema has its charms.

Picking my best films is the proverbial Sophie’s Choice; but I can watch Donnie Darko, Amelie, Primer, Jurassic Park, The Shining, 10 Things I Hate About You, Out of Sight, When Harry Met Sally, Annie Hall and The Princess Bride again and again.

I’m on a constant mission to stop people being scared of foreign film (especially French, Spanish and Anime); and am trying to watch all 1001 films to watch before you die, but frequently get distracted by putting on The Hangover.

My favourite night of the year by far is Oscar night. When not watching the movies I am writing, trying not to shop, eating cake and killing zombies (well, if its good enough for Simon Pegg).

Lastly, I think Eyes Wide Shut is a Kubrick masterpiece (don’t scream your disagreement all at once).

Lynne Henderson


Writer of articles & guest editor on occasion

Twitter: Mondoghosto

My taste in films is eclectic, ranging from foreign art house stuff to Steven Seagal breaking necks on trains. I have a weakness for David Lynch, Werner Herzog documentaries and vintage Woody Allen.

I’m rather fond of actors who have “violence behind their eyes” and spend my spare time overdubbing episodes of ‘Sharpe’ – not for official purposes mind, just for fun…I can do a cracking Sean Bean.

My favourite films include – but are by no means restricted to – Blade Runner, Blue Velvet, The Deer Hunter, Dead Man’s Shoes, Apocalypse Now, Wild at Heart, Wings of Desire, Mean Streets, Buffalo ‘66, Suspiria, The Life Aquatic, Natural Born Killers, The Long Good Friday, The Shining, Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead, and I’ll stop now for reasons of time/space/sanity.

Adam Truscott


Review Writer

Twitter: maverick99sback

Born in 1981, to the cool synth soundtrack of Escape From New York, I knew I would live for film.

My soundtrack to my life growing up was movies – and long may it continue.

Now, as a Dad on the verge of growing up, I get my enjoyment from my Son discovering films. Not Robocop, though. He can’t see that until he’s atleast five.

I live and breath movies – convincing my wife, (Mrs T), to let me get a 50″ TV, and 7.1 surround sound, if I got rid of my DVD collection. (Over 1000). A year later, my Blu Ray collection tops 300. I appreciate this is cheating, a bit. But not a lot.

Phil saved me, from the tough streets of Southampton, by giving me a chance to shout out about Enemy Mine, and I’ve never looked back.


Rob Nijman


Review Writer

Twitter: @robertnijman

Location: Utrecht, Holland

Freelance writer and editor-in-chief for HiFi.nl and movie website Filmpjekijken.com

My favourite movies / actors / directors include, among many, 12 Angry Men, Heat, The Big Lebowski, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Duck Soup, GoodFellas, Taxi Driver, (and basically every other movie by) Scorsese, De Niro, Streep, Walken, Newman, Bogart, Nolan, and Woody Allen. And Steve Mcqueen. Michael Mann. And Denzel Washington. Well, you get the point.

Favourite scene: Red (Morgan Freeman, Shawshank) during his final meeting with the rehabilitation officer (‘so go ahead and stamp your forms, sonny’)

Favourite look: Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro, GoodFellas), sitting at a bar, smoking a cigarette, pondering whether or not he should kill Morris ‘Morrie’ Kessler.

Favourite trilogy to incorporate a DeLorean: Back to the Future.


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