Matthew Modine – Full Metal Jacket, The Dark Knight Rises

Silje Reinåmo – Thale

Alejandro Brugués – Juan of the Dead

Carrie Preston – That’s What She Said

Mirren Burke – Booked Out

Chris Thornley – Poster Designer

Doug Jones – Hellboy, Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, Pan’s Labyrinth and more

Daniel Sharman – Ares in Immortals

Kristen Bauer Van Straten – True Blood’s Pam

Charlie Higson – Fast Show, Young James Bond, The Enemy

Jason Momoa – Conan the Barbarian

Tim Pape – Director of Black Velvet and Nuclear Coleslaw (Fallout Web Series)

Keith Hodder – Van Gore

Karl Urban – Priest, Judge Dredd

Filip Tegstedt – Marianne

Sucker Punch Premiere

Blooded Cast and Crew

Gareth Edwards – Monsters

Paul Becker – Sucker Punch, The Cabin In The Woods

Keeley Hazell – Venus and the Sun

Jonathan English – Ironclad

Kevin Spacey

I Am Number Four – Press conference

Paul – Press conference

Marc Price – Colin

Tom Hooper – Director of The King’s Speech

Black Swan Press Conference with Natalie Portman

The Social Network Press Conference

Natalie Victoria – Star of Deadheads

Samantha Lockwood – Star of Shoot The Hero

Paul Sloan – Star of Shoot The Hero

Paul McGuigan – Director of Sherlock, Push, Lucky Number Slevin

Axelle Carolyn – Star of Centurion, Straw Man

Clay Liford – Director of Earthling

Leslie Simpson – Star of Dog Soldiers, The Descent, Straw Man and more

Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton – Directors of YellowBrickRoad

Hue Rhodes – Director of Saint John of Las Vegas

Curtiss Cook – Star of Shutter Island, City Island and more

Mike Sizemore – Writer of Slingers – Oceans 11 in Space TV show

David Sullivan – Star of Primer and Skateland

Sebastian Doggart – Director of American Faust: From Condi to Neo-Condi

David Baker – Director of Mission X

Johnny Depp – Star of Public Enemies

Marion Cotillard – Star of Public Enemies

Michael Mann – Director of Public Enemies

Toby Jenkins – Director of Splinter

Duncan Jones – Director of Moon

Andrew Barker – Director of Straw Man

Tony Grisoni – Screenwriter of Red Riding, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Michael Marshall Smith – Author of Only Forward, Spares, One of Us, Straw Man and many more

Alejandro Adams – Director of Canary

Ryan Denmark – Director of Romeo & Juliet vs The Living Dead

Neal Asher – Author of Gridlinked, Line of Polity, Shadow of the Scorpion, Orbus, Brass Man and many more

Kenny Carpenter – Director of Salvaging Outer Space

Marc Robert & Will Stotler – Creators of Able